How was it that you found yourself in this godforsaken swamp? With the world seemingly being unraveled where will you leave your mark? Magic has been outlawed and deemed a crime against society with the incredibly powerful Order of Darun actively seeking out and prosecuting suspected mages. Monsters and Undead have re surged all across Eos bringing the once forgotten Blood Hunter orders back into prominence. The rebel group of blood mages and terrorists known as the Mage’s Fist has been sowing discord and terror all across Eos in opposition of the Darunian order. To top it all off the moon has turned a crimson red bringing about a plague of Lycans and empowering the power of blood across Eos. Whether by chance, fate, ambition, or mere coincidence you have become linked to the group that will change Eos forever.

Visions of Perfection

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