Visions of Perfection


After discussing with Brelbor for a short while he directed the party to meet with one of his contacts by the name of “Whisper” who could help them get Daarf out of prison. Traumatized by the sudden revealing of who her true parents were Auroa decided to stay behind with Brelbor to meditate on the events that had recently transpired. The party then were guided towards the Harbor District of DragonsBay by a mercenary named Jax and Jondarr. After a brief run in with the Dragons Fang gang in an alley the party found themselves in the empty meeting place. Whisper then revealed herself after pickpocketing Desmond of his gold and exchanged Daarf in return for a favor. Brelbor had mentioned that the party were incredibly skilled and could help with a job. Whisper is a member of the Thieves Guild who decided to send the party on a heist at the Von Grafts seeing as she was short on manpower. The party agreed and wer given three entry ways into the mansion: as guests for the party, impersonate guards, or sneak in through the sewers. The party decided to pursue all three with Jax, Jondarr, and Desmond being guests. Sanny and Daarf impersonating guards, and the rest sneaking in through the sewers. After some fanfare Desmond caught the attention of both Alano Valkorion master smith of the world and Sarash Emberdark Leader of the Merchants Guild. After Kiyoshi discovered that the Von Grafts had assasssins inside the building encountering Water Demons and a shadowy figure, Desmond decided to back out on the groups contract to steal from them in favor of saving them. After discovering the mole the Baroness started to probe his mind for information and learned he was supposed to meet a contact at the docks by the codname of “Dagger”. Suddenly the mole was shot through the head from an adjacent vent which led to Jax, Kiyoshi, and Desmond giving chase while the rest stayed to protect the Von Grafts. The assassin began using some form of Stims, grenades, and a variety of guns to fight off his attackers leading to Desmonds left leg becoming severely damaged causing him to fall behind. This is when Jax activated his dark powers and transformed into an incarnation of one of Nito’s Reapers giving them an edge in the chase. While they were slowly gaining on the assassin the party defending the Von Grafts caught a light shimmer on a building and immediately hit the ground with Sanny diving in front of the bullet for the Baroness, saving her life. Meanwhile, Jax and Kiyoshi had captured the mysterious assassin and were debating on what to do with him until the same sniper executed him with a head shot. Immediately they dashed to the roof the shot originated from and discovered as soon as they landed a bomb was about to be set off. Acting quickly Kiyoshi storm rushed the fuse and was able to sever the fuse just in time, despite this clever move they turned their head to find the female sniper grinning as she brandished a pistol at the bomb. Kiyoshi unable to react after storm rushing the bomb watched in horror as she pulled the trigger. Suddenly from Jax’s cloak a skeletal hand reached out and stopped the bullet with a rotting face appearing stating “Not today.” After this the snipe smiled, waved, then smashed a crystal to the ground resulting in her teleportation away.

The Battle for Therion's Point
5th session

After escaping the cursed castle our party turned in the contract and set about crafting stronger equipment for future endeavors. Doing so granted a magical ring and a shield crafted from the hardned scales of a Basalisk. After crafting our party investigated treasure caravans that were mysteriously disappearing while moving deeper into Draxis. The party unfortunately found the cause to be an Ancient Black Dragon by the name of Veynith and were forced to grovel before it or face certain annihilation. Balsacolith was left nearly dead after Veynith mistook his offering as insolence. After negoitiating for the gold from Therion’s Point Veynith left mocking Kiyoshi as being a good pet. Afterwards the party decided to investigate the missing supply caravans as Therion’s Point was starting to run out of food and water. After a tense mexican standoff the party found themselves within a hideaway for the Mage’s Fist and were introduced to this chapters leader Triss Vengerburg. After some discussion and tense negotiation talks the party had a choice of working for the Order of Darun and assassinating Triss or working with the Fist and sieging Therion’s Point, preferring the latter. After some planning the party decided to split into two groups with the battle hardened paladin Sanny and the intimidating Runeseeker taking the field and facing the Darunian force head on and the rest of the party infiltrating the fortress. The infiltration force had three objectives; place transportation crystals on the tower in order to place a group of senior pyromancers behind enemy lines, eliminate opposition inside of Therion’s Point in order to make it safe for the Fist, and eliminate the captain of the Darunian force. Unfortunately the infiltration squad was only able to capture the tower in all the chaos with Kiyoshi and Aurora setting up the transportation crystals and the mages appearing. Balsacolith, Grognak, and the Druid are fighting off hordes of knights at the base of the tower after getting their attention to allow Kiyoshi and Aurora to sneak past. Desmond finds himself trapped and surrounded by knights completely cut off from any support behind the burning tavern. Sanny and the remnants of the Fist are now in a close quarter fight for their lives against the Order with the Runeseeker having been struck down in the fighting.

A Fallen Prince
4th Session

After earning a well deserved long rest after the fight with Grognak the Smasher, the party took some time to craft some bullets and scrolls. Afterwards they set out on a quest to find the source of a powerful magical magic aura detected away from Therion’s Point. After coming upon a destroyed castle with multiple bodies scattered inside the courtyard. The party then ventured down a flight of dark stairs for an hour until they realized something was amiss. The party then broke out from a magical spell to find themselves inside the castle with no stairwya or door out. They came upon a chest containing a multitude of gems with magical essences, a cap granting the ability of water breathing, a gem surrouned with an elemental aura, and a multitude of coins. After some further exploration the party discovered the corpses of the Darunian Knights that were sent to investigate before the party. Then the party discovered a secret hallway and had the choice of heading down a ladder where a magical aura was originating from or a door at the end of the hallway. After heading down the ladder they discovered a battle frozen in time by an artifact an elf was wielding about to be cut down by a human with a greatsword. After unfreezing time the party found themselves in a harsh battle against the human with the Wizard of the party being the only one left standing. After interogating the human they learned that he was the former prince of Draxis, Bruna Falone. With the wizard persuading the group to spare Bruna he sat on his stone throne and bestowed the wizard with a magical ring and his house insignia of the griffon on her right hand. Afterwards he vanished after reviving his bodyguard and wife with dark magic leaving behind a confused party and the Wizard still holding his greatsword.

A Champion Rises
3rd session

After exiting the crypts with the flayed prisoner known only as Galadriel, the party came upon a hanging tree. Darunian Knights were finishing the process of executing the remaining townspeople having suspected them of Mage Harboring. After that the party traveled to Therion’s Point looking for work in order to train and gaine better equipment to fight The Butcher. They first took up a contract on two Basalisks and were able to soundly defeat them and returned for a reward. After seeking refuge at the local bar to rest for further contracts Kiyoshi became interested in the Fighter’s Guild. After fighting his way to the top of the leaderboards he was challenged by Grognak the Smasher. Kiyoshi recruited Desmond and Sanny to create a team fight in the ring, but Sanny and Desmond both fell quickly. With the odds stacked against him Kiyoshi faced Grognak and his two compatriats and against all odds defeated them. Kiyoshi now stands with the title of champion of Therion’s Point

A Promise

After adventuring through the crypts our party met a Paladin and a mysterious warrior named Balsacolith. After finding a common enemy in the butcher they decided to venture forth as a group. Shortly after a horde of wights, zombies, and wraiths descended on the party with Balsacolith telling the party to move forward as he’ll buy them time. After some more venturing the party came across a manisfestation of The Butcher torturing a prisoner. After a hard fought battle the party managed to defeat him with his last words being a promise to flay you all.

A Fresh Start
1st Session

After our heroes were stuck together in the bar zombies attacked and slaughtered everyone but the Innkeep and our heroes. With the Innkeep being incredibly of the half-elf wizard whofed upon one of the zombies, kiyoshi instigated a fight that led to the Innkeep dying. After exiting the bar our heroes found themselves with a decision to hed to the town seemingky being ransacked by the undead or investigating mysterious lights originating from the crypts. The party decided to choose the crypts attempting to stop the source over protecting the town. After a small skirmish outside the entrance and a language being spoken between the mysterious mage werewolf and a disembodied entity the party descended into th crypts. They stumbled upon a room with a mysterious key which activated a trap consisting of magical chains. At first it was thought that The Butcher was behind this trap but it was revealed that a sentient kitana layed the trap and began to ask who was a worthy wielder. Before disapearing once again the sword mentioned how he and Kiyoshi were once linked although he did not know how. With the party low on health and spells they seek out the mysterious entity in an attempt to stop the undead scourge.

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