Visions of Perfection

A Fresh Start

1st Session

After our heroes were stuck together in the bar zombies attacked and slaughtered everyone but the Innkeep and our heroes. With the Innkeep being incredibly of the half-elf wizard whofed upon one of the zombies, kiyoshi instigated a fight that led to the Innkeep dying. After exiting the bar our heroes found themselves with a decision to hed to the town seemingky being ransacked by the undead or investigating mysterious lights originating from the crypts. The party decided to choose the crypts attempting to stop the source over protecting the town. After a small skirmish outside the entrance and a language being spoken between the mysterious mage werewolf and a disembodied entity the party descended into th crypts. They stumbled upon a room with a mysterious key which activated a trap consisting of magical chains. At first it was thought that The Butcher was behind this trap but it was revealed that a sentient kitana layed the trap and began to ask who was a worthy wielder. Before disapearing once again the sword mentioned how he and Kiyoshi were once linked although he did not know how. With the party low on health and spells they seek out the mysterious entity in an attempt to stop the undead scourge.


git rekt

A Fresh Start
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